Women On Target Instructional Clinics

The Women On Target program provides women with firearms safety

training and shooting fundamentals.

Participants range from complete novices who have never used a firearm,

to those with extensive firearm experience.

Instructors are females whenever possible.  “Training for women by women”.

The WOT program allows women to discuss various aspects of firearms with one another.  The camaraderie and expert instruction allows participants to quickly master the basics and refine their technique.  Knowledge is shared among the attendees benefiting all.

The Women on Target program is run at affiliated clubs across the nation.

Middlesex Sports Shooting club is proud to be a participating club.

The program runs the 4th Saturday of each month from March through November. 

Women need not own a firearm to participate.  Hearing and eye protection is available

for those who do not own them.
As part of the program, attendees will learn firearm safety be it on the range or at home.

They will also be trained on the use of pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  There are opportunities

to acquire certifications for each firearm type via the  Marksmanship Qualification program. 

One competes only against themselves as they try to better their prior score.

For those who wish to participant in sanctioned shooting events, the


   Marksmanship Qualification clinics will allow attendees to understand how competitive shoots are run.

Such experience helps overcome the jitters of competing in large events.

Learning how to safely handle firearms, make friends, and try out a new sport that can last a lifetime is what Women on Target is all about.  What is not to love?   And who knows, maybe you will be shooting better scores than your friends or partner.

For more information, please contact Barbara Wallace.