Shotgun Field Rules v. 5-21-16

“Make Safety Your Target”

 1.  All “General Range Rules” apply.

 2.  Shooters must maintain muzzle control in a safe direction at all times.  It does not matter that your gun may be unloaded; do not let it point at any part of any person!! (Example: Toe pads are not to be used to rest the muzzle, hinged action shotguns are not allowed to swing past the heads, legs or other parts of the body of shooters or spectators).

 3.  All firearms must be unloaded and actions open at all times except when on a shooting pad and ready to shoot.  Don’t load your gun until you are on the shooting station.  Open and check your action to ensure your gun is empty before leaving any shooting station. Exception: Hinged action shotguns are to be always carried with the action open when not on a shooting pad but may be closed only when placed in a storage rack.

 4. Only shot shells loaded with #7½ or smaller shot may be used (ex. 7½, 8, 8½. 9 ….).

 5.  If you drop a cartridge, leave it on the ground until you are finished at that station, and then pick it up as you leave the station.

 6.  CAUTION - Shooters may not go beyond the baseline until the RSO has called “THE RANGE IS COLD” and trap machines have been de-cocked.  Shooters may not go into any trap house or approach/touch any trap machine unless an RSO is present. 

 7.  When on the 5-stand and/or Trap field; member-guest arms distance rule does not apply to EXPERIENCED ADULT guest shooters.  However, Club members are responsible for the safety of their guests.

 8.  When you are finished shooting on your field;

  •     Pay game fees ($5.00 members and guests)

  •     Stow remote control

  •     Pick-up empties (CAUTION – wait for the RSO to turn low house machine OFF before walking in front of the           trap  door!!)

  •     Check-out with the RSO for field walkthrough, secure machines, and refill clays. 


10.  Our focus is SAFETY FIRST!  Anyone can call a “CEASE FIRE” if an unsafe condition is encountered.  If a “Cease Fire” is called, immediately report the condition to the RSO on Duty.  The RSO will assess and evaluate the “Cease Fire” conditions.