Pistol/Rifle Range Rules v.6-20-15

1. All general range rules apply.

2. Guns transported to from the firing positions must be unloaded and in a case, holster, or container. Guns may only be uncased at the shooting positions while the range is hot.

3. Guns carried onto the range in concealment must stay in concealment and may not be fired on the range.

4. The range is always cold unless the Range Safety Officer (RSO) declares “RANGE IS HOT”.

When the Range is COLD

5. No one is allowed on shooting platforms.

6. Guns may not be handled but must be left unloaded and benched with actions open, cased, or unloaded and holstered.

7. People may go downrange only after the RSO on duty has:
   a. Declared by voice command “THE RANGE IS COLD
   b. Made sure all guns on the firing line are unloaded with actions open.
   c. Made sure that everyone is behind the shooting platforms.
   d. Has secured the gate open.

8. When setting targets make sure that bullets or other projectiles will impact the backstops.

When the Range is HOT

9, The RSO on duty will call the range “hot” by:
   a. Making sure the range flag is up, and,
   b. Making sure nobody is downrange, and,
   c. Securing the gate closed, and,
   d. Declaring by voice command “RANGE IS HOT”.

10. When the range is HOT:
   a. Obey the special rules posted at your shooting station. (Types of firearms allowed, targets allowed, direction of fire, target  

   b. Shoot only at the backstop or targets associated with your firing point.
   c. Do not allow any bullets or projectiles to impact baffles, trees, or side berms.
   d. Pistols and rifles chambered for cartridges on the approved cartridge list may be shot from any position
   e. Pistols and rifles chambered for cartridges not on the pistol cartridge list may only be shot from positions 27-32.   
   f.  Firearms chambered for the .50 BMG are not allowed. 
   g. Shotshells pellets may only be shot at positions 1-8.  
   h. Slugs may be fired from any position.  
   i.   When firing from positions 27 through 32

        I.  Fire at paper targets or club-owned steel reactive targets only.  No other targets may be used.
                   (Example: cans, bottles, wood, clays etc. may not be used as targets.)
       II. Make sure that bullets are impacting the earthen backstop.

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