Here at the Middlesex Shooting Sports Club we do our very best to ensure a safe and educational experience for our members and guests while they develop their skills in the shooting sports.  We offer the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program for members who would like to sharpen their shooting skills.  We offer monthly "fun shoo"t competitions in the pistol, rifle and shotgun disciplines.  We also offer the NRA's Women-on-Target Program.


- Maintain a perfect safety record and promote understanding of firearm safety.

- Increase knowledge and skills in the responsible use of a firearm.

- Encourage good sportsmanship and compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

- Educate and train the skills, knowledge and attitude to the next generation to be a proficient, responsible and safe firearm owner. 



We hold monthly range orientation training meetings on the first Sunday of each month starting at 12:55 pm.  The orientation training introduces you to our club, facilities, programs, and an overview of the safe use of the ranges.  The training is provided by our volunteer range master and safety officer teams.

Select the Contact Us button below, fill out the form and we will answer any questions you may have.  We are open on Thursdays 12pm to 8 pm or dusk and Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Stop by and take a tour of the club.

social EVENTS

Each month on the first Monday we have our membership meeting, which includes a dinner made by the club's chef and a guest speaker.  Additionally, throughout the year we schedule youth program events, concealed carry classes, and more that our staff plans.  Join now and get in on all the fun.










News Release to the club members:

We have exciting news for all MSSC club members.  We are offering a new Pistol Fun Shoot which is open to all shooters from beginning level to expert level.

Beginning Saturday, November 11, and continuing every second Saturday of the month, we will have a Bullseye Pistol Fun Shoot. Registration will begin at 12 p.m., safety briefing at 12:45 p.m., and the first Relay will begin shooting at 1 p.m. The Bullseye Pistol Match has been around for a long time and we are adapting it to fit our range.

The TQ-6 Slow Fire and the TQ-7 Timed Fire/Rapid Fire targets will be used at 25 feet. You may use any safe rimfire, centerfire revolver or semi-automatic pistol. You also may want to shoot both your .22 and centerfire pistols on different relays. The pistol may have a metallic, telescopic, or electronic sight, with the exception of any sight that projects an image onto the target. There will be two Relays, each of which will consist of one Slow Fire, one Timed Fire, and one Rapid Fire stages for a total of 60 rounds fired. We can accommodate 24 rimfire and 24 centerfire participants per Fun Shoot.

We will pair the Fun Shoot with the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MQP). As you participate in the Fun Shoot, you also will be earning the Patch and Rockers as you achieve the needed score for each level. It will start off easy. You may bench rest the pistol at the Pro-Marksman and Marksman levels.  At Marksman 1st Class you will shoot two-hand standing. By the time you get to Sharpshooter, you will be good enough to shoot the traditional method – one-hand standing.

In addition to earning rockers for the MQP, winners will be announced for High Score per Level Rimfire, High Score per Level Centerfire, High Score Over-all Rimfire, and High Score Over-all Centerfire.

The Fun Shoot is open to all MSSC members and their guests.

 The cost will be $10. Come join us as we develop a cool head, a keen eye, and a steady hand.

hours of operation

- Thursdays 12pm to 8pm

- Saturdays 9am to 5pm

Certified instructors & safety officers.